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What compels him to do this? What happens to his body when he offers himself up to a MAN to forcibly control and use hard? That position is not for the weak of body or heart. Being used by an ALPHA can be uncomfortable, complicated and requires bravery. Why would someone put themselves into this position of physical and psychological vulnerability?

This is what some people think when they see a picture like this. They immediately go to fear. Fear of physical pain. Fear of trust. Fear of fully giving into HIS needs and their own. Fear of being regarded as less-than. Fear of being seen by society as feminine. They cannot imagine a man willingly subjecting himself to being emasculated. Their own concepts of manhood having been shaped by men overcompensating for their own doubts of their power.

What compels a man to become a sub is the eradication of the outside world. It is a mark of strength and wisdom and the ability to see through the lies of society. One must reject all they have been taught and be so attuned to their own understanding of hierarchy that they rise above society in order to fall at the feet of their true superiors. Not the wealthy. Not the politically powerful. The ALPHA MEN. The MEN who are unable and unwilling to hide what they also know is true. They are the true arbiters of power.

Learn to be a real man by giving into what YOU know is true; u were born to serve and demonstrate HIS power over u. Don’t bow to kings or politicians, bow to the MEN who emanate power without anything but their presence. These are the true gods.

Be brave. Be selfless. Be free. It is what u were born for.

see the MEN i worship:

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fukkin’ faggot

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Nothing but A MANs cock will make someone’s face do that. See the pleasure HE sends through his body and the ALPHA pleases HIS own cock with the subs body. What a gift an ALPHA cock is. Respect it’s power and obey the MAN who owns it. HE is built to train ur body to please HIM and u r built to receive. Thank HIM for what HE does to transform u into a drooling, begging, open pile of flesh that HE controls.

see the MEN i worship:

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