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Cum fiend that really enjoys a hot load.

Where did that first load on teh sheets come from though. It looks huge.

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i am Mike Masters pain pig. In many ways Master has trained me to endure greater challenges. One of these is nip play. When Master attaches clamps to HIS boy, it moans quietly while maintaing eye contact with its owner. Master sighs good boy. During its next training session boy will bring a new more torturous form of nipple clamps. They are called talons and can be picked up at Mr S leather. They have four needle like prongs. The prongs open and close with a sliding cylinder. They are designed to penetrate the skin by piercing it with each needle head. The cylinder is then pulled over them locking them onto the skin. boy will bring these it offers itself to its Master knowing this pleases HIM. boy will maintain eye contact with its owner and do its best to suppress the excruciating pain it will receive.

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