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propper brit 3some

Brutal Tops are God to praise and thank for Their sadistic ideas and skills


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Carter West thought he was going in for a routine doctor’s visit. But when he got a boner around the hot, new intern, the exam took a new direction. He found himself bound to the exam table naked, while the Dr. Keyes and his assistant started probing him in areas he never thought a doctor would do. He was bound and gagged and his cock was stroked, massaged, and vibrated until he was about to cum, then they would suddenly stop, leaving him frustrated and hornier than ever. They tortured him like that and kept him on the edge of cumming for a long time.

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Spread & Tied

The Rancher had purchased the muscleboi at a recent slave auction this past summer but things were just not working out. When He’d purchased the boy, He knew that slave carl was an unwilling recruit at the auction. But carl’s blatant arrogance and willful resistance over the past 3 months to accept his new role left the Rancher with a dilemma… There were several far more sadistic Masters in the neighboring county and the Rancher has warned carl countless times that He’d sell his ass to one of Them if he didn’t start getting with the program.

The Rancher was certain He wouldn’t be able to recoup his financial investment with just the sale of the cocky slave so He came up with a plan. He’d recently considered the notion of selling one of His pickup trucks so it seemed fitting to focus more on advertising the sale of the vehicle… with the added bonus of including slave carl in the bargain. The muscular slave would make for a good work-horse in the fields if Someone could just break his spirit. Much to carl’s surprise, he soon found himself roped to the front of the pickup… displayed in the lot in front of the farmhouse… a ‘For Sale’ sign was plastered in the rear window of the pickup cab. All along, carl had figured if he just kept resisting his enslavement long enough, the Rancher would let him go… When the Rancher informed him that 10 different Men were on their way over to inspect the pickup, carl realized things were about to go from bad to worse…

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